Star Trek Online’s “dotted circle” episode now live

Viryx paced to her window. Dozens of kaliri swooped through the night sky outside. They cawed and screeched, landing on natural rock ledges along the spire. Beyond, the terraces of Skyreach glowed in the light of solar orbs. Viryx was, in that moment, taken with its beauty.

Continue Iconian war story line, secret Studios launched a new selection set, “broken circle,” to their sci-fi MMORPG Star Trek Online. Dotted circle also has a cork Aron Eisenberg, Robert Duncan McNeil Added Tom and Jerry Ryan Paris for your Star Trek fans out there seventy-nine of.

Rewards do need content? it’s okay. Mysterious studio broke this episode as your initial bonus and weekly: “Every week, we will introduce an additional incentive Collection” broken circle “Last week’s award is Antichroniton perfusion Tetryon automatic rifle This week’s award is the catalyst reactive armor package. In addition, in the week prior to the completion of an account, “broken circle” weekly award grants Collection box. Enhanced Universal technology upgrades or captain weekly award box to your choice professional point, this character who opened the box to a professional points. weekly rewards, technology upgrades, and professional points are bound to account, and may be freely traded between your role. Open the professional point of need sex is 50 or above. “

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Kill HITS 10 billion mark; Get HERC VOICE PACK

Smite, free play MOBA from hi-rez Studios, has reached the milestone of millions of players. Of course, this does not mean that there are one billion people are actively playing at this moment, but there are still 100,000 people who try to get your game is a genre impressive feat MOBA today’s crowded market.

Want to get in celebrating the milestone? Hey, Suarez hitting the studio is recovering early days of the original PC version of the character models as a Hercules a new “retro Herc” skin in the PC and Xbox. Who won the August 10 PVP game will unlock as a playable god Hercules, along with Hercules retro skin and a new voice packet characteristics Hercules Kevin Sorbo, TV’s Hercules Star: The Legendary Journeys – all It is free.

This is a nice touch, since the test version, a bit nostalgic as any you’re there, in a television program to watch for the fans …… Sorbo play even if he apparently did not score, Pentagon kill video.

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People Are Actually Talking & Playing Together!

I was more social these last few days in EverQuest than I have been in the past 10 years of MMOs combined. There are so many different social dynamics in EverQuest that have happened to me all while playing in just the first 20 levels.

I’ve grouped with dozens of different people. Each of these people brought a new and unique take on my grouping experience. Every zone I go into there are groups recruiting more for their location, people looking to join a group, and chatter happening about forming to kill something. The other night we were slaughtering some camp with just the three of us and really didn’t need anyone else. Then along came this cleric who needed a group — we already had a cleric — and I found myself thinking that I may one day come across this guy again, and my actions here and now could decide whether or not my next encounter with this cleric (who may res me later) will go down. So we invited him and were truly no worse off. He stayed for about an hour then had to go and thanked us profusely.

The cleric I mentioned before is one example in many where I’ve invited people to group who weren’t necessarily going to bring anything amazing. In fact, most groups should just invite Mages and Necros and blow everything up with their pets. That’s the most efficient and quickest way to level, but it’s not the ‘right’ way to level in my mind. I formed groups this past week consisting of everything from Warriors to Rangers and Rogues. All of these classes are drastically inferior to a Mage, but why should they suffer because they are playing a class they like? We can make it work with them, so why not just do it? As a result, my friends list — my network — is growing and I’m hoping one day they pay it forward.

Chat channels, even those that aren’t designated for auctions, are thriving with people auctioning off their goods. People are making goods and selling them. People are actually buying them because there is a true NEED for the items. I’m definitely not one of the rich players. I think I’m probably in the lower 20%, actually. I don’t know the secrets, nor do I really have the time to invest in camping the spots, but some of these people already have super rare items they’re auctioning off and people out of nowhere have farmed hundreds upon hundreds of plat to just throw at them. It is what it is, and I may never have it, but I love to see it happening around me. Stuff isn’t just individual loot in EverQuest — it’s part of the global economy.

For every kind person there are a dozen jerks, but that doesn’t make the kindness of the one any less meaningful. In a game like EverQuest, often times you need things that are difficult or even impossible to obtain if you aren’t one of the lucky few. The rich get richer in EverQuest. When someone goes out of their way to let the class chat channel know that they have extra of this rare quest item and anyone who wants one can have one… it makes me go “d’awww!”

I love the class chat channels. I participate in them as much as I can by answering questions from newbies, asking questions of my own (I am a newbie to this version of EQ), and simply contributing my thoughts and ideas to the philosophical and ideological debates that always spring up. This hasn’t happened for me in ANY MMO since vanilla WoW days back in 2004.


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Great Weekend in EQ + Some Good Grouping Lessons

My weekend was filled with great gaming. I played Assassin’s Creed Unity and Splatoon with my wife, then spent a good deal of time leveling up my characters in EverQuest. I’ll write more on the other two later because I really want to write about a few of my EQ highlights from this weekend.

Keen the Bard progressed a little bit. My bard is the character I most want to play later on in levels, but I’m keeping him part of the guild static group we have going. For a group around our level(levels 17-21 at the time) it’s sometimes tough to find a spot in Unrest given how crowded it can be. Three of us decided to take our group and head over to Upper Guk to check out the leveling scene. We build a lower sewers team that ended up bringing in about a level and a half before we decided to call it for the night.

My Mage is where I spent the bulk of my time this weekend. I’m having an absolute blast leveling him up! Twice this weekend I found myself in stellar groups pulling constant streams of mobs in Unrest. I was the main DPS in both groups which, in EQ speak, means it was my job to burn something down very quickly if we got a bad pull and also my job to make sure things generally do not stay alive for too long and drain the healer’s mana. That leads me to a couple of important lessons I encountered this weekend: (1) Know your role, and (2) When you get a good group you need to socialize.

This might be one of the best things about EverQuest. Even in a state where things are generally easier, roles are clearly defined. As I mentioned before, I am a Mage and that makes me the DPS. I’m not the puller. I’m not the tank. I’m the guy who blows things up. The puller’s job is to make sure we have a steady stream of mobs — without him the EXP is slow. The tank is responsible for tagging what the puller brings in and keeping it (generally) off everyone else. The Healer is responsible for managing their mana and ensuring no one dies (notice I didn’t say at full health). I could go on and highlight more specialized roles like CC and other support, but that’ll suffice.

I ran into a few people this weekend who seemed to either forget their role, or never learned what it was to begin with. When roles are played properly everything is amazing and smooth, but the opposite is true. We had an enchanter who never used Mez. I don’t know if he thought we didn’t need it, or simply was lazy, but he was nuking constantly. As a result, our healer’s mana was always low. That meant I had to nuke more to keep the mobs from killing people. The dominos kept falling from there.

Having clear roles makes everything more fun for me. So much more dynamic than everyone being DPS and having a healer and tank loosely filling their role while DPSing as much as possible.

Last night I was in a group at the Fireplace in Unrest. Awesome spot to EXP in. I went from level 20-22.5 in like an hour and a half. We had a few hiccups getting started, but quickly found our rhythm. We started chatting and having a good conversation as time went on. I learned about their past experiences with EQ. I learned what alts people were playing. Loot was dropping and we would congratulate each other and try to pull named mobs to get the other guy who wanted the tunic a chance at the drop.

The genuine consensus was that everyone was hoping everyone else was going to stick around a good long time, and generally we all did. At the end of the night when it was time for me to log (curse getting up at 5am for work) several people said they added me to their friends list. I used a line I hadn’t used in over a decade: “If you guys are ever looking for another and need a Mage to blow things up, definitely give me a shout!”

I know from experience that I WILL get a /tell from one of these people in the future. They will be in a group or leading a group one day and they’ll see me on the LFG tool and say, “Hey guys invite him, he’s a great Mage!” Seriously, even if I wasn’t the best Mage ever they’ll still vouch for me because I know my role, I perform it well, and I was personable.


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There Are Too Many People Playing My MMO!

I’m seeing this sentiment all over EverQuest both in-game and on the forums. People are complaining that there are just too many other people playing the game with them. I never thought I would see the day when people complained about too many people playing EverQuest.

There are A LOT of people playing EverQuest. I’m seeing more people playing on Ragefire than I have seen in any new MMO launch in the past 10 years. I want to emphasize that I am actually seeing them. Let’s look at why.

No Phasing. EverQuest doesn’t artificially hide players behind imaginary phases of existence because they’re on another stage of a quest or version of a linear story. Norrath is a contiguous world we all share.

No Individual/Group instances. There may be multiple copies of zones, but they are not the instances people have grown accustom to in new MMOs. Dungeons and zones are always shared. Dungeon bosses and mobs are on respawn timers. They get camped.

All of Norrath is Useful. Players have to travel places, go to cities to buy spells and sell. Dungeons drop items that can be sold, traded, or used. Players will always be wanting to find rare gear and feed the economy. Crafting and spell reagents that a level 50 will want to use drop from low level mobs. There are no zones in EQ that are worthless.

Norrath is not Linear. You do not grab 20 quests from Greater Faydark then never return. You’ll travel through GFay to get to Mistmoore, Crushbone, Kelethin, etc. You’ll travel through Commonlands on your way to Sol or Freeport. The world is all connected and people have a reason to cross back and forth.

High Level and Low Level Mobs Share Zones. In many games a lowbie zone has only lowbie mobs. In Norrath, level 35 mobs often roam around where there are level 10 mobs. Oh, and they are aggressive.

Quests Require Exploration. A level 50 Necromancer Quest may require the Necromancer to revisit Mistmoore. Spell research requires reagents that may only drop from certain mobs. Epic quests require massive amounts of camping and travel to find rare things. You’re given reasons to move about the world.

I would not give these things up for reduced crowds. I may moan and complain when I can’t find a camp in Unrest, but the alternative leads to what ruined this industry. No thank you.


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6.2 patch: Draenor gearing guide

With the launch of patch 6.2 every character will be able to catch with others when it comes to gear quality. In Mists of Pandaria, we had the Timeless Isle and now we’ll have the Tanaan Jungle and the Apexis Crystals.

This time gearing will work a bit differently, but if you took a break from raiding or PvP or if you just hit level 100 and want to raid with friends, the 6.2 patch is really the thing you need. I hope that this short Draenor gearing guide will help you.

How everything works?

The Baeful Tokens are some special tokens that you can buy with Apexis Crystals, get from naval missions, get from quests, loot from mobs, or find in the Tanaan Jungle treasures. A full list of these items can be found on wowhead.

These tokens, when used, will create an appropriate item for your class and spec. There is one token for every slot so you can fully gear up your character with them.

If you get these items from naval missions, you can send them to your alts if you like, since they are BoA. If you buy them with Apexis Crystals or find them in the Jungle, they are BoP, and only you can use them.

To buy them you’ll have to spend 5000 Apexis Crystals for every item slot, except for the weapons, those tokens cost 10,000 Apexis Crystals.

By using them, the generated secondary stats are going to be random, so if you plan to upgrade them make sure you are upgrading the one with the right stats for you. Yeas, you read that right, you can upgrade these items.

At first the generated items are ilvl 650, with a small change to iLvl 675. Any item generated from the Baeful tokens can be upgraded to iLvl 695 with the Empowered Apexis Fragment. This item costs 20,000 Apexis Crystals. But is also rewarded from a quest and we may see it dropped by some bosses (speculation).

You’ll need 70,000 Apexis Crystals for a complete set of tokens (considering you’ll use the legendary ring) and to upgrade all of those you’ll need 280,000 more crystals. In total you’ll have to farm 350,000 Apexis Crystals. If you don’t know how to do that, make sure you are checking this guide about the Apexis Crystals farm.

My suggestion is to search for the treasures, kill the rares, start working on your shipyard fleet, and complete the Tanaan Jungle quests. This way you’ll have more than enough tokens and you’ll only have to upgrade them. Here is where the HandyNotes addon becomes your friend once more.


Compared to the old Timeless Isle system, this time everything will be much more simple. Of course, with these items you can’t replace raiding or PvP rewards, but is a great way to catch up or gear up your alts if you like.

Let us know what do you think about this new Draenor “gear catch up system”. Are you going to use these items?


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