Shadow snake online Eve event

CCP Games today announced the launch of a new activity for the critically acclaimed, award-winning online eve shadow named snake. Players are invited to investigate the new battleship deadly snake in the area under construction. During the event players will be able to save a unique snake pirate ship salvage ship snake theme, skin, and implants.

The latest update also introduces other content updates, including an exciting mixture:

Castle iterative expansion including a redemption, direct trade and fort character customization, and set them to autopilot waypoint capability
MULTIFIT, allows players at the same time hold more than one boat
Improved new player experience and provide a clearer indication of better liquidity and meaningful context
Visual Effects Update: hangar and ship propulsion, Stargate visual aids lighting, and change the number of modules and Black Ops cynosaural field Beacon
The new converts to provide the ship docking station and out of view
In the battle to legalize cluster Booster

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“Forever Genesis” Review – Party Up In this free MMORPG

Sometimes, you want your villain face. Perhaps Voldemort, Thanos, Jordan or some creepy guy with the ferocious “muahahaha” laughed. Subsequently, another who did not face a villain. In the best case forever: Quest’s Avatar [free], you are faced with black cry. No, this is not a temple; rather, it is a vile disease – like Resident Evil T-virus – also become infected as headless undead abomination. You must be a prestigious Avatar, save the world. Let hero quest begins.

This top-down MMO is not a true story. Canned story is purely local to you a reason to party with friends on Facebook or stragglers by Britain fighting dungeons.
When you look at the world map, you’ll find that there are abundant underground city as your level becomes available.

But hold the phone. This is a freemium game. You know what that means, right? Paywall and IAPs.
Curiously, there is no obvious pay wall in this game. That does not mean you do not promise a certain degree of grinding, dungeon crawling action, every once in a while. However, if you register a network game, you may use the JRPG mill. I know me.
You want your character to go and he / she will follow your finger to navigate through Britain, the user taps just as simple. There are no messy D- pad or other control mechanism nasty, disturbing the HUD and saw the lush landscaping and charming medieval building block you.
NPC interaction is also very interesting, because it is directly related to the level of the whole. Sometimes, the NPC will send you to take on a typical mission. They may be looking for a lost friend, or ask you to find some special herbs to heal the sick. Subsequently, another NPC who has come to a crossroads in their lives. They will ask you a question, depending on how you answer this question, you will use a variety of virtues reward points. This in turn enhance the reputation of the town within range.
Combat is so simple navigation. You see some green clay, an archer or a huge Hodor, see the character out of the power of the game to you, you just tap on it to attack. One of the special abilities players can also activate their powerful attacks. Warrior general attack at close range, while the Master can close or distant attacks. As a mage, sometimes the character will run close to the enemy to attack – even if you intend to launch a remote attack. It always sucks when that happens. Weapons and armor are compromised. The more they damage the weaker they are in combat. Whenever you run into an enemy of the wizard, you are essentially requires your employees or wizard robe was ruined.
In order to solve weapons, you must spline. Bronze, silver and gold buttons, representing the game’s currency. Bronze bond can be converted into a silver key, but the key can only find or buy gold. You can also enroll by commercial sponsorship random promotions in order to get “free” golden key. When you open the chest, you will have to use three keys to open one of its options. Golden Key will reward your best loot. However, you can use, if you only use the silver key. You can also cultivate more silver bronze key into the key relive the early dungeons.
While most of the early dungeons can play on your own, it’s always best to find at least three players in the party. Normally, if you’re standing outside a dungeon, you can hang around a few people to join your team or someone will ask you to join their party. Party members can tell you, it is the next step through text chat or a dungeon puzzle for you to solve some additional suggestions. Dungeon problem is not too hard, but there are also room needs two to three individual party get a special treasure chest.

Unfortunately, the political party system does have some annoying problems. Sometimes characters are off the screen and all you see is their names floating around without a body. Then there are times when players will lag. In addition, like any other party based games, there are those players who often faded. If you are from the dungeon, actually kicked out of the game completely guide you, you’ll have to start from scratch a dungeon.
For optimum enjoyment forever, best party in the iPhone 5 may still disappear behind go out and play, but you have a small frame issues of Genesis. For freemium price, I have been on board the ultimate MMO. When I was in a solid party, I can not put this game down. There are too many things to do, and tons of reasons to return to the old dungeons and the farm better booty. We hope that, with subsequent patches framework will gradually disappear.

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Fight for your region in the upcoming: The Rise of “Tank World Blitz ‘continents’ Championship.”

As if he had heard the comment, though he could not possibly have done so over the thundering cries of the crowd, Thrall turned to where Arthas, Blackmoore, and Langston sat watching. He thumped his chest in a salute and then bowed deeply.

He came up with a great event concept for its world Tanks: Blitz [Free], which involved fighting on the other side of the world. Most multiplayer games such as WOT lightning split their players, because the server and issues around the region lagging behind. Although this is a technical necessity most games, it splinters the community, because you can not use the same collection tank on two servers (or card, or heroes, etc.) to play. Let rise tournament continents from the four regions of the players of the game – in North America, Asia, Europe and Russia – compete with each other, without actually crossing the server product line. Each region has a set goal, every week on the server all the players to play right. Your region to achieve these goals, the players in the game and earn a reward in the physical server.

Reward in the game, including senior day and gold, and in-kind incentives including 240 pairs of Sennheiser headphones. The tournament will be held September 28 and will last four weeks, and noted that the two sides match at the end of every weekend and activities. In order to participate, you need to have the race 20 days active, at least 100 combat (fighting my 2000, I think I’m fine) period. If you want to play in the game, all you have to do is log on to the game, once the game starts. I like the idea quite a bit; this is a clever way to help the game’s global community feel less fragmented. Perhaps the other multiplayer games will follow.

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If you can’t beat them

Join them! EverQuest Ragefire server is the game I’m dedicated to right now, and although it’s enormously fun (I have 80+ hours in it already) it’s not without its faults. One of the biggest issues facing Ragefire is how overpowered casters are compared to melee classes. Whether or not it’s fixable ends up being a moot point, and instead of complaining about it all the time I decided to just join in on the fun.

I made a Gnome Magician last week, and have loved every minute of playing him. Yeah, it’s broken. I think my pet can take on most even con mobs all by itself, and yellow mobs require little more than one nuke from me. I toss in two if I want to down them quickly. I’m able to go into Unrest and solo 2 yellows at once, or control the ENTIRE yard all by myself (blues and whites) raking in insane amounts of experience and loot.

While the Mage is so much fun, I still love my Bard. I want my Bard to be my main character. My Bard is the class I see myself playing in groups, going on raids with, etc. The Bard is support, and support is where I find I’m most talented and have the most fun.

My Mage will be my farming character. I’ll earn money on the Mage, camp items that can be soloed, and this will allow me to have a character I can play when my friends aren’t on or I can’t find a group on my bard. Sadly, the latter happens often as most people prefer to invite casters since their DPS is worth more than the support of a bard in this version of EQ.

Even playing an OP class in a very different version of Norrath, I still find myself rushing home every day to get in at least an hour or two of EverQuest. You can join us in our casual friends/family style guild by visiting our forums.


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Hitman levels to be “living sandboxes,” PC beta one week after PS4

A whole lot more information about the upcoming new Hitman title (just called Hitman to confuse people who can also remember the original) has appeared on the game’s official site.

By the sounds of things, IO Interactive are trying to make a direct apology for the things people didn’t like in Hitman: Absolution (the terrible, overbearing story; smaller levels with auto checkpoints; reduced creativity in kills,) and returning to a structure where Agent 47 is a globe-trotting assassin who just has to kill people in exotic and interesting locations.

“Each location in the game is a living sandbox, a place where every NPC has a name and every room matters. We’ve focused on making sure you, the players, have complete freedom of approach over how, where and when you decide to take out your target,” is the key passage here, and (if it plays out like that) is likely to be embraced by the Hitman fanbase.

Every level is said to be “more detailed, more populated and much larger than ever before, full of things to experiment with and targets to kill without any checkpoint systems in there.”

Saved games are returning, allowing you to save at any point in the mission. It doesn’t mention whether the difficulty-based saved game limiting from Blood Money will return, but I’d imagine it might.

Online ‘Contracts Mode’ (one of the bright spots in Absolution) is confirmed to be returning too, though IO say they’ll reveal more about that as the year progresses.

Hitman will be released on 8 December, but IO have also outlined some pretty extensive post-release support plans as well. “We will release new locations, missions and hits over time at regular intervals through 2016,” they say. Meanwhile, between the major releases they plan to “create one-off live events and live targets” for people to go after. It doesn’t say, but if I had to guess I’d say the former are more likely to be paid DLC (at least some of them,) and the latter all free.

Though the PS4 is going to get Hitman beta access first, this posting confirms that the PC beta will begin just one week after. No actual date is given just yet.

Actual gameplay from this title is expected at the Square Enix conference, so we’ll no doubt have that uploaded in due course.


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Barcelona claim title as FIFA Club World Cup Champions

Barcelona players react after winning the final Club World Cup soccer match against Estudiantes in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009. Barcelona defeated Estudiantes 2 1. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

It was heartbreak for South America and joy for many in Spain / Catalonia as Barcelona rallied to top Estudiantes 2:1 after extra time in Dubai on Saturday to claim the 2009 FIFA Club World Cup trophy. Barca was near death until an 89th minute header by Pedro drew them level 1:1.

FIFA has hoped this decade that the Club World Cup would eventually be viewed as highly as the World Cup (of nations), but it has yet to even come close to the meaning of that event. Instead, the Club Cup tournament has often gone relatively unnoticed outside of the clubs playing in it. This year the tournament was moved from Japan to Dubai.

The current format has been running since 2000.

Most around the world likely already thought Barcelona were the best professional side, now the Catalans have a shiny trophy to hoist in front of the few who might disagree.

Seattle Sounders FC hosted the World Club Cup champions last August at Qwest Field.

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, center, is thrown into the air by his players as they react after winning the final Club World Cup soccer match against Estudiantes in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009. Barcelona defeated Estudiantes 2 1. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

Barcelona’s captain Carles Puyol, center, holds up the trophy as he and fellow team members react after winning the Club World Cup final soccer match against Estudiantes in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009. Barcelona defeated Estudiantes 2 1. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar).

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